Are all of the proper safety procedures being followed in your business? Is high-value inventory kept locked up at all times, and only retrieved by authorized personnel? Who is going in and out of your server room, and how often?  

Without a camera system at your facility, you cannot truly know the answer to these questions and are instead stuck relying on reports from workers. Even if your workers are entirely truthful, they can’t possibly be as vigilant as a camera system, and human memory is far trickier to investigate with than recorded security footage.

All camera systems from Somerset include video playback and remote access to a live view, requiring only a smartphone or computer connected to the internet, with no additional monthly fee. This gives you the ability to view the most sensitive areas of your business, at any time, from virtually anywhere with internet access.

Installing only the best wired camera systems for your business needs.

At Somerset you will get at a minimum 4 MP cameras, with starlight technology.


We ensure that you have the ability to view from anywhere in the world from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

Somerset offers a full suite of business solutions tailored to support a wide range of businesses of any size, from single properties, to multi location enterprises.





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